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Building a Dream

NOSTALGY AND TRADITION most of the people involved in yachting would admit to follow that. The history of yachting is soaked with romantic dreams realized by science, craftsmanship and technology; mystic legends and and calculations.

THE YACHT - a complicated machinery - a technical product built for moving on the water. On the other hand it is a piece of art, some of them legendary masterpieces. Historical yachts, their Designers, Builders, Owners and Crews become with time the objects of cult.

Most of True Yachtsmen approach the yachts as the living creatures; some of them very seriously seek for "the soul" in their yachts. Apparently a reasonable person would never make a profession neither of designing or building or crewing yachts. A legend would never be born without a drop of madness.

Ancient sailor lived with stories about leviathan and terra incognita - todays yachtsmen tell the most incredible legends about the yachts of the past, and their unbelievable performance. Indeed not so long ago it seemed that the pride and glory of the sails was gone forever given the field to cool economical calculations and technology.

All the great yachts of the past equipped with huge (oh how inconvenient!) sails were so impractical and so... hell expensive. But they were... BEAUTIFUL. The democracy which entered also the yachting world preferred equality to beauty - so great yachts were wiped out from the oceans. Their spirit and the souls of their creators were still wandering over the old paintings, photos and the yellowing remnants of the designs.

The vintage, full-blood noble hulls rotten in forgotten docks hosted rats and clochards.

The role of individuals in history was often denied. But as it was the history which annihilated the majestic yachts - it were the individuals - dreamers - who brought them to life again. And so the superyachts were reborn - traditional form with modern essence.

We have been exceptionally lucky to find ourselves among those dreamers - as designers and naval architects.

Juliusz Strawinski